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Fit to small/medium volume spot varnish and foil stamping on color printed paper by indigo or various digital color printer. No laminating process in advance is needed.


As a specialized printer developer and manufacturer based in Korea,
we launche digital spot varnish and foil stamp printer with our own technology.

Printing material auto feeding system

  • Loading capacity : max 500 pcs of paper
  • Printing material moves automatically
    (paper loader -> spot varnish printing -> foil stamping -> drop)

Head and driving mechanism

  • Ricoh MH5420 head with 54mm per stroke(width)
  • 4 head shuttle printing type and Beatus own developed driving mechanism(software and PCB)
  • No bending phenomenon in outcomes
  • Prints as small as 4pt text and support 600~1200 dpi

Align system (CCD Camera)

  • Perfectly align color image with spot varnish/foil stamp thru data pin align technology which combined multi CCC camera(German made) and Beatus own developed software and algorithm
  • Data pin align technology reads OPA/registration mark of each piece of paper and adjusts multiflying factor and location for perfect printing

Varnish inks

  • Developed Beatus universal varnish ink for color print ink of indigo or various digital color printer
  • No laminating process in advance is needed
  • 2L ink container embedded

Head protect/maintenance system

  • Easy auto head cleaning function
  • 2 step(jetting/spitting) head cleaning auto ink spraying system


  • Foil consumption saving system which consume foil only for the stamping length
  • Cold stamping which does not create ill-affect on printing materials
  • Various color of foil can be used(gold, silver, red, blue, green)

RIP software

  • RIP software developed by Beatus own technology
  • It makes printing easy by just assigning spot varnish area and foil stamp area on digital file(AI, PSD etc)
  • It adjusts printing height from 40 ㎛ upto 240 ㎛


  • Combined paper holder and Align System into one compartment for more compact design
  • Single unit for both paper input & output for more compact design
  • Versatile installation thanks to its compact size
    (2700 x 1200x 1600mm)